Designed to Succeed

Early in the morning of May 9, the Lord began to speak theses words to my heart:

“My children have been created in My image. They are powerful not pitiful. They have been filled with the power from above. Rise up My people and take your place as My children. Designed to succeed not to fail. Designed to reign not resolved to mediocrity. You have been created for greatness. You have greatness on the inside. Stop criticizing yourself. You are not a failure or a mistake. You have been fearfully and wonderfully made! Look at your body. Is it not wonderful? Isn’t it amazing?”

We were not created to be fearful but powerful in mind, body, and spirit. You and I are able to do much more than we could ever imagine through the power that resides in us. Begin tapping into that power by spending time with the source of that power-The Holy Spirit (Spirit of our Lord Jesus).

The brain is so amazing but it is also a battlefield. What we think and speak is powerful. Words matter weather spoken or thought. You and I do not have to believe everything that “drops” into our head. We can train our brain to focus on one day at a time. We do not know what our neighbor is thinking nor do we know what the future holds, but God said “I know the plans I have for you and they are good”. Something good happens when we partner with God in understanding who we are and that He has already given us power to overcome every obstacle. He has already given us authority over all the works of the enemy. The power is in thinking, meditating, and speaking His Words over every circumstance. Rise up and take your place. Rise up and partner with God through the Holy Spirit. You and I are over comers. Let’s stop making excuses to stay in unbelief or sin. You and I should be going from Glory to Glory. How do we do it? We do it by partnering with God, believing His Word, and obeying it. He is an amazing Father who will not fail us but we must be willing to obey His voice and follow Him. Yes it is painful at times but the joy and freedom we obtain is worth the pain.

Let’s go to Him. He loves us and wants to empower us to succeed. You and I were created to succeed. You and I were created to over come by the power that has been given to us through the Holy Spirit who gives us strength. You and I can do nothing on our own but through the power of the Holy Spirit and right believing we can do all things. Nothing is impossible for those who believe!

What do you believe about God and yourself? The Power to over come resides in you and me as believers in Jesus Christ. Right believing will produce right living. Thinking Kingdom thoughts and allowing them to penetrate deep into our heart, will transform the words out of our mouth. The words out of our mouth have the power to change the Spiritual atmosphere. As a man thinks so he is in his heart. In order to change our words to life giving words, we must be transformed in our thinking. We must focus our mind on things above, things that are excellent, and things that are good. We must think Kingdom thoughts and release Kingdom words to the world around us. When we do this, we will see the power in us, the Holy Spirit, released to a hurting and dying generation. The power that resides in us raises the dead, heals the sick, and cast demons out. As Jesus is so are we in this world. WOW! He walked in power and in relationship with His Father. He only did what His Father instructed Him to do. He is our example.

It is time for us to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and to rise up and learn who we are in Christ and take the authority He has already given us. God is not destroying the world but the world is destroying itself because it has forgotten God the creator of it all. In Genesis, He gave us dominion. One reason things are getting darker is that the children of God have not risen up to take their place as children of God to push back the darkness. We push back the darkness by releasing the love of God to those around us and by sharing the hope we have in Christ. His perfect love cast out fear, heals the sick, and raises the dead.

Let’s rise up and take our place as children of the Most High God. This rising up starts in the secret place of communion with the Father. It takes place in prayer and connecting and communing with Him. It is in the deepening of our relationship with Him, that he is able to trust us with more. Let’s get in the secret place and believe that all things are possible with God!

2 thoughts on “Designed to Succeed

  1. I love the meals you serve up for us! And, all are allergen free! There is no doubt about what will happen if you follow His guidelines and as you said, let them penetrate deeply into your heart. Our tiny imaginations cannot even come close to His realities for us. This makes my feet want to dance!


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